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Best Online Colleges

Is having convenient access to your educational pursuits important? Online schooling may be the answer. These days, it's easy to find online college classes and degree programs.

Online Colleges

1 Southern New Hampshire University Business, Education Yes
2 Full Sail University Technology, Science Yes
3 Arizona State University Business, Criminal Justice Yes
4 American Intercontinental University Business, Education Yes
5 Ashworth College Business, Healthcare Yes
6 Penn Foster Business, Engineering Yes
7 Colorado Technical University Business & Management, Information Technology Yes

Colleges Offering Laptops For Students

Go to college and get a free laptop? Could this really be true? There are colleges that actually offer students incentives for attending their school. Some schools will provide a complimentary laptop for students as they work to complete their degrees. Each school will vary in the procedures of this gesture and the rules for whether or not a student must return the laptop upon graduating or if they get to keep it.

Colleges Offering Laptops

1 Stevens-Henager College Online and Campus Utah and Idaho
2 Bethel University Campus Based School Tennessee
3 St.John's University Campus Based School New York
4 Wake Forest University Online or Campus North Carolina
5 College America Online and Campus Colorado and Arizona
6 Independence University Online Online Online
7 Seton Hill University Campus Based School Pennsylvania

Cheap Online Colleges

Going to college can definitely be a pricey investment. An education should be affordable for all. What are some of the most affordable online colleges?

Most Affordable Online Colleges

1 Penn Foster $ Yes
2 (School Name) $ Yes
3 (School Name) $ Yes
4 (School Name) $ Yes
5 (School Name) $ Yes
6 (School Name) $ Yes
7 (School Name) $ Yes

Top College Majors

There are tons of subjects a student could choose to study. Many students have already chosen a major. But what if you are still undecided and don't know which area of study you want to venture into. You should consider these college majors.

Top 7 College Majors

1 Computer Science College Technology
2 Marketing College Business
3 Geography College Social Science
4 Biomedical Engineering College Engineering
5 Financial Planning College Business
6 Healthcare Administration College Healthcare
7 Logistics College Business

Online Degrees

What type of online degree programs are there? And what are the most popular degree programs for students?

Most Popular Online Degree Programs

1 School Name Program Cost
2 School Name Program Cost
3 School Name Program Cost
4 School Name Program Cost
5 School Name Program Cost
6 School Name Program Cost
7 School Name Program Cost

Best Online Colleges


College is a whole new world...

Cheap Online Colleges


what are the differences between taking online and campus classes?

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